Best Eye Specialist in Aluva

Dr. S. Tony Fernandez

Dr. S. Tony Fernandez is a renowned surgeon who has over 50 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology. He is known around the world but is particularly popular in the state of Kerala. His career began under the famous Professor Dr. G. Venketasamy. He was the renowned doctor’s assistant professor at Madurai Medical College. He began to study different Squint cases at the Orthoptic and Pleoptic Department.

He was welcomed into the Little Flower Mission Hospital at Angamaly in 1969. This small institute has grown over the years from a small 5-bedroom to a building that now serves over 200 patients at one time. In 1970 he started the Eye Bank Association where the collection of eyeballs helped to give sight to thousands with cornea transplantation. In 1971 he began to give free eye cams and screening programs for the schools within India.

He began the evolution of different surgeries in Kerala including refractive keratoplasty, cornea and squint transplantation, and corneal transplants. Now there are a number of people who come from all over the country to get their vision impairments corrected by Dr. Fernandez.

From 1987 to 1992, Dr. Fernandez was the Editor of the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. With a unanimous vote, he was elected as the president of the Indian Ophthalmological Society in the year 1994. He has been awarded multiple honours in his long career, one of them being the prestigious title of “Chevalier” given by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. It is the most renowned Papal honour that can be given. He was given the St. Athanasius Award by the Jacobite Syrian Church and honoured by both the Media Commission by the “Gurupooja Puraskaram” and the K.C.B.C.

Dr. Fernandez is the president and the founder of Kerala Action Force. It is a non-profit organisation that is known to provide training for multiple disciplines such as youth training, Pain and Palliative clinics, donations, education and more. He is also associated with various other charitable organisations. In Aluva, he Dr. Fernandez has built and started his own hospital. Today it is managed by his son Dr. Freddy T. Simon.